I noticed from my stats that you like these kind of posts. So, here are ten things you learn through blogging I could list more than 10 facts but for now I think ten is enough. When I began blogging, I didn’t know anything, but I feel like now I have more to share.

  • 1. Social media will become your new best friend
    People working in social media know what I mean. I’m really bad in giving advice, but I can tell you one thing – a blog doesn’t work without social media. You can’t forget how much work goes into all of this, but it’s worth it.

  • 2. Girls can be nice to each other!
    I can’t believe it myself. Everyone knows the old cliché that girls can’t get along. That’s not true! I got to know so many nice girls through blogging. You don’t have to like everybody, that’s ok.

  • 3. I can be ambitious!
    I already talked about this topic once. I tried to find a hobby before I began blogging. I always wanted to find something, but it didn’t work. I got bored very fast. Blogging is not just a hobby anymore, it’s become my life. I always think about it and I can always work on it. I’d never thought, that I could be so dedicated to something.

  • 4. Organization
    Sometimes I feel like I’ve plan my whole life beforehand. I improved that when I began blogging. Having a “plan“ helps me to feel calm.
  • 5. Some people think your contributions are free
    Please note that I say SOME people. Most brands, corporations and hotels are wonderful– I really like getting to know people and particing in great cooperations. However, there is always another side as well. Some people and corporations just want to use you.

  • 6. Say no
    That’s part of the deal and often goes hand in hand with point 5. There are certain things that I don’t want. No to guest posts or topics that don’t fit your blog. No to free travelling or a sponsored post, if nobody is interested in the topic. No to giving out my mobile number

  • 7. There’s always someone not liking you
    You can’t please everyone. Some might want to criticise you, which is okay, if it’s constructive. Haters or super negative people need to stay away! Jealous and unhappy people are not your problem. Most of those comments are anonymous. They’re just waiting for you to do something wrong. Whatever. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate

  • 8. Blogging takes a lot of time
    But the time is worth it, because it’s fun! I love blogging! I need about 5-6 hours per Post!

  • 9. Photography
    Who would have known that I’d get such an expensive camera or Photoshop. And who would have known that I’d even be able to use these things. But this is a hobby as well by now. I take the camera with me all the time. I love photography – I didn’t sell my 600D – one camera for me and for my hubby..

  • 10. Don’t take statistics too seriously
    What use do 7000 GFC Followers have, when 85% are through Follow4Follow. Those people will never return to your blog because they’re not interested. My followers are really cool, because they comment and interact with me a lot. Thank you guys. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hope you liked my post. Everything is subjective – most people won’t work for 6 hours on one post. But I like it. I can’t tell you if this will be like this forever. I can identify with everything I’m posting here and I’m proud of that. I look forward to your comments, have a nice Saturday