Bangkok Tour with HiveSters – Experience the real Bangkok

Okay, I think this is the hardest blogpost I've ever written. Why hard? Because it’s not easy for me to describe these wonderful experiences and situations. The tour I experienced in Bangkok with the organisation HiveSters, was something I’ll never forget again. I told my grandma about the trip and said „Grandma, when I’m [...]

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Grand Palace Bangkok

One of the most famous attractions in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. You can find my posts about Bangkok HERE. Read them and put Thailand on your bucket list The tickets for the Grand Palace are not that cheap, but this attraction is worth it. If you don’t see the king’s palace you weren’t really [...]

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Bangkok in 5 minutes | FMA Video

I’ve linked all my new posts below. I would really appreciate it if you’d click through them. I put a lot of effort and work into answering all your questions and providing as much detail as possible. Since so many people on my social media channels asked me to publish a cost report again [...]

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Traveling to Bangkok | My Bangkok Guide

Planninga trip to Bangkok? Look no further, here’s everything you need to know to plan your Bankgkok itinerary! In the movie Hangover one guy says to the other, “Bangkok has him now.  I think that is exactly what happened to me. The city literally cast a spell over me; I was so excited the [...]

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Next Stop: Oriental Residence Bangkok

After the first two days in Bangkok, it was time for us to move to a new place. We moved from the turbulent, typical cheap shopping district in Pratunam into our new hotel, the Oriental Residence Bangkok. It’s located in the luxury district of Bangkok and is therefore completely different to our first hotel. [...]

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Staying at Amari Watergate Bangkok

The 5-star Amari Watergate Bangkok is located directly in the buzzing Pratunam quarter in the Petchburi city centre. If you’re travelling to Bangkok and in need of cheap shopping opportunities, this is the place to be! Not far from the Amari Hotel there are countless spectacular markets and shopping streets, such as the Platinum Shopping [...]

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