I need your help today (Beware: this is a first world problem). I don’t know where to go on my next trip. I have to decide soon, because KLM started their Dream Deals campaign and they’re awesome. There are the following flights: 380 Euro to Dubai499 Euro to Shanghai or 489 Euro to New York.

That’s why I’m asking you.
What do you think? Where can one relax. Sun, Beach, Sea.
Which destination would you choose and why?

We’d prefer to travel next year in January. Asia or the carribean would be great. We want to plan a trip for 10-14 days to the beach for relaxing.


Punta Cana? Bali? Sansibar? Thailand? Mauritius or Dubai?

If you plan a holiday, check out their Dream Deals. HERE’s the direct link.
The deals are great, huh?



Our flight to Thailand was with KLM as well. We were really happy. Every seat had its own screen with a mediaportal. You could play tetris or watch a movie, surf the internet or listen to music.

If you had to decide, what would you choose?

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I hope you liked my post and I look forward to your comments and tips – I really need some time out. All the pictures are from my Travel Pinterest Board and the deals are from KLM Dream Deals. I look forward to your comments –  have a nice Wednesday.