Travel Beauty Essentials – What to Pack?

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Travel Beauty Essentials – What to Pack?

Travel Beauty Essentials – My beauty products while travelling. Do you know the saying: “When someone travels, he has something to tell.“ In this case, you can tell a lot from tired and stressed skin, dark circles or chapped skin after a long flight. I want to show you my travel beauty essentials.

Everyone has at least talked tot he people at duty-free shops. My Tip: Don’t skip out on that!! Whose hand doesn’t feel good when using a fragrant lotion? I always go into the duty-free-shop and try out the cremes. Moisture is good for your skin!

Beuaty Travel Essentials
My Favorites

Care products for Body & Face

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Sanitizers/Wipes

I think that in every handbag that I own, there’s at least one package of my wipes by Nivea. The wipes are alcohol-free and filled with Hydra IQ and Vitamins. They clean the face, neck and the eyes thouroughly. After a long flight, this is the best you can do for your face. Alternatively, I have some sanitizing wipes or a gel with me.

Important: Don’t wash your face with the water from the cabin and don’t drink it.

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Travel Size Perfume

One of the easiest beauty products to get is a perfume sample. The samples are also free. The only thing you have to do is to ask. Sometimes they’ll even give you 2 or 3. These samples are perfect for traveling, because they are tiny and after your trip you can throw the container away, because it might be empty anyways. You can also get this container.

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Traditional Tiaré Oil

My ABSOLUTE secret tip is the most versatile oil, which is traditional Tiaré-Öl Monoï de Tahiti by Yves Rocher. The oil protects your skin from drying out. P ut it on your body and the skin will feel very soft and shimmery. You can also put it in your hair. :-)

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Sunscreen

Summer, sun, sunscreen or sunburn ;-) You can decide. To avoid your skin looking leathery when older, it’s really important to protect it from the sun. I always take sunscreen and Aftersun Lotion with me. The Aftersun Creme cools and protects your skin.

Hair Care

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Dry Shampoo

I have fine, smooth hair that  gets greasy really fast. I feel the need to wash my hair daily. That’s why I always take dry shampoo with me. You can also mix your own dry shampoo or take the natural alternative by Lush. At home I have a bottle of Batiste and while travelling I use a bottle by Lush.

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Shampoo & Conditioner

I take my own shampoo and conditioner too. I always put it in a tinier bottle because otherwise the packages would take up too much space. At home, I use Glem Vital Anti-Schuppen Shampoo or the Elvital Glanz & Color Shampoo and Conditioner

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Razor & Shaving Foam

The tiny Gillette Venus Embrace Snap Rasierer is not only practical, but also very thourough. Thanks to the compact design, the razor fits into every handbag, sportsbag or suitcase. Additionally, I take a little bottle of shaving foam. If you don’t have enough space, just use the shampoo.


Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Foundation with Protection

For my trips, I buy foundation with skin protection. My favorite is the Skin Foundation SPF 15 by Bobbi Brown. This foundation has SPF 15 your skin and refines your pores. This foundation produces a natural glow.

Tipp: Keep the foundation in a little container or in a contact lens container!

Beuaty Travel Essentials

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Bronzing Powder

I’ve used this product for 5-7 years! The shimmering Bronzing Powder by Essence is not only cheap, but it also conjures a shimmery, bronzing finish on your face and dekolleté. There have to be better products but this is an all-time favorite for me.

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Waterproof Mascara

This is an absolute must-have for the summer – a waterproof Mascara by Artdeco. I love the products from Artdeco. The Mascara is long-lasting and the eyelashes become very voluminous. The texture dries very fast and despite the durability, you can remove it easily.

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Concealer

It can happen that you get a pimple on your holidays or you get dark eyecircles. It’s annoying, if you don’t have anything with you. In my travel beauty bag there is a concealer by Nars. At home, I use different products but this one is with me on all my trips.

Beuaty Travel Essentials

  • Lipbalm

I use EOS Lippbalm, Blistex Lip Conditioner or Burt’s Bee Honey Lipbalm for my lips. I can reccommend all three products. Your lips will be very happy. TIP: I always keep a container like the one from Blistex to fill in the foundation :-)


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