Keemala Phuket – Spa on the highest level

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Keemala Phuket – Spa on the highest level

I can finally tell you about my wonderful Spa Treatment at Mala Spa in Keemala Phuket. Did you already read my hotelreview? If you missed it, you can read it HERE. The post about Mala Restaurant will be online soon. Who would have thought that I’d take so many pictures and that it would take so long to sort and edit them *gg*

The Spa Menu at Keemala Phuket is insane. The choice is really big and everyone will find something for themselves. If you want to inform yourself beforehand about the Spa – you can check it online. Click here and take a look. It was soon decided, that I wanted a classical Thai-Massage.

Right before the massage I was asked if I’d prefer a massage with or without oil and if yes which scent I wanted. I loved to have a choice! Afterwards I filled out a form (with questions about if you’re feeling pain in special parts of your body or if you’re sick etc.). While filling out the form, you’ll get a refreshing towel and a ginger tea for getting into the mood – afterwards our treatment in our own Spa hut.

Before the massage started, my feet were washed with fresh limewater and scrubbed with a peeling. And then it started. I was massaged 60 Minutes – no worries – in the filled out form there’s also information about the intensity – if you want a light or a intense massage. I really like it, if the massage is very intense, but I recommend it you choose “medium”, because “intense” would be too much :-).

All in All the treatment was wonderful and so special and different from everything I experienced in Thailand so far – well you can’t compare it to a massage you can get at the beach or on the streets.It felt like a wasn’t in my own body for a moment. I loved the melodies I heard and I was able to really let my mind relax and forget everything. It has been some time since I was so relaxed after a massage!

After the treatment was over, I got a cup of tea again and was able to relax for a couple of minutes. The employee had to smile, because I looked like I was not in my body. *gg* you could see how much I enjoyed the massage. Thanks to the intense massagetechniques my back cracked a couple of times and I felt more flexible afterwards. I can really recommend the Thai Massage to you.

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